The Persimmon Long/Short Fund utilizes three complementary strategies to pursue its investment objective of long-term capital appreciation. The three components are 1) the potential gains from exposure to US listed equity positions, 2) a dynamic exposure to the market’s return (Beta) driven by the tactical management of the portfolio's net exposure, and 3) active tax loss selling which seeks to reduce shareholder's tax liability in connection with the Fund's distributions of realized capital gains.

The advisor believes long/short equity strategies can produce equity-like returns with less volatility than traditional equity investments by combining the three components as outlined above. The Under normal market conditions, the Fund pursues its investment objective by investing at least 80% of its net assets in equity instruments including common stock, preferred stock, and depositary receipts (“Equity Instruments”). The fund uses a dynamic hedging strategy overlay to seek to reduce the downside risks associated with the Fund’s exposure to Equity Instruments during adverse market conditions via equity index futures. The fund's net exposure to equities will range from 40% to 100% during normal market conditions.

About The Advisor

Persimmon Capital Management, LP (“PCM”) was founded in 1998 and specializes in the construction and active management of portfolios of hedge fund strategies including Long/Short Equity. Our long history of investing in these strategies has given our team the experience needed to build a robust due diligence process and has fostered a deep network of relationships that is necessary to gain access to talented managers. The members of our seasoned Investment Committee have over 40 years of combined investment experience and serve as the co-Portfolio Managers of the Fund: Greg Horn and Tim Melly.


Fund Details

Share Class Institutional
Symbol/Ticker LSEIX
Minimum Investment $100,000